Trademark creates a bond between the customer and the enterprise. It allows the competitors to distinguish one another and build reputation and trust in business. We help clients to create and choose trademarks that avoid conflicts and provide best legal protection. The registration of a trademark determines the extent of its legal protection. Therefore it is essential how and in which geographic extent it is registered, as well as which products and services are covered.

We advise our clients on how to protect a trademark effectively, taking into account the current activities of the enterprise as well as its plans for the future. We have long-term experience in registering trademarks both in Estonia and internationally. We are strong in the area of trademark disputes, and are active and fast in defending our clients’ interests in trademark infringement cases.


The role of design in the contemporary world is of ever greater importance. Enterprises that understand the desire of customers to obtain functional and beautiful products thirve. We co-operate with designers and manufacturers and advise them on legal protection of the appearance and packaging of their products, and on contractual issues. We help to create strategies and advise on how to achieve the optimal and most efficient legal protection.

Nowadays, almost all figurative that is new can be protected as a design. Irrespective if it is a masterpiece or not. Reasonable possibilities to protect a design internationally have been widening due to the existence of European Union and International design registration systems. We are experienced in the area of design disputes and  provide help, if design rights are infringed.

Other services

- Copyright
- Advising
- Due diligence
- Domain registration
- Domain-related disputes
- Patent annuities 


Inventions as solutions in the field of technology can be protected with patent or utility model. An invention can comprise device, method, substance or their combination. It is an exclusive right for a specified term, which ensures protection of development investments. Its well worth conducting a prior research in the technical field on previously protected and already used solutions already during the product development phase in order to direct development towards new and protectable solution.

One of the cornerstones of a strong patent is a professionally and thoroughly prepared patent application that provides the invention with comprehensive and commercially viable protection. We have extensive experience in protecting of inventions in Estonia and worldwide. In addition to drafting patent applications, we also provide assistance with every aspect of their protection and implementation and help to create successful strategies.


Intellectual property provides exclusive rights to its owner. However, If these rights are violated, the owner must act. Although government institutions can help in protection of intellectual property rights in certain cases, this protection mostly depends on the initiative of the right-holder. Legal disputes are one of our strongest areas of expertise. Our long-term work in the field of intellectual property protection has provided us with extensive experience. We represent our clients in extrajudicial negotiations, disputes with patent offices, before the Board of Appeal, and in courts.

We advise our clients on issues concerning the infringement of their exclusive rights and assist to remove respective goods from the market or to terminate rendering such services. As we have vast experience in disputes over intellectual property in Estonian courts, including Supreme Court, we can estimate any costs, risks and prospects relating to such disputes. This enables us to counsel our clients efficiently and avoid any unnecessary litigation.